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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Week 12 - Show and Tell - Adventures in Character Design

This summer I have been exploding with ideas. From creepy little monsters to Superhero action. None of these ideas have been fleshed out much yet but the thing I see as my problem is I need good character design. That is not really a problem because that is something I want to work on anyway because it's fun for me. At the start of summer I found a group on Deviant Art called 'Design A Character'. They do challenges revolving on designing a character. So this week I decided to get in some practice designing without killing my ideas (as I tried doing some designs and being unhappy with almost every line I put down). So I did the prop design challenge. The challenge was to design a prop then design a character that would use that prop, the challenge specified a chair.

I designed my chair.

From this design I then created a character who would use this chair.

The character design went a bit wonky when I drew it but I am happy with the amount of character I got into the design. Hope you like it.


  1. Cool designs Pete! The chair is quite creepy. I love the hench convict/military character who accompanies it. It's a cool idea designing characters to fit props/props to fit characters. Nice one =)

  2. Thanks Benj. The challenges on the DA group are really varied it's a cool place if you're interested in character designs.