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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Hey Boys and Girls

I realise no one else has done any posting here so far but I am going to keep up with it no matter what because I said I would. Today You can see a preview of my entry to the 'The Darkness II' Deviant Art contest. This is the second of 3 panels that I had to produce. I am really proud of this work. You can see the full page on my DeviantArt Page or on my blog.

Friday, 23 December 2011

I'll get the Ball Rolling

I Just posted the newest page for Unholywood over at my other blog. So Check it out. Not much to post so far been a bit busy catching up with friends and procrastinating which takes a lot out of you.

I will post up something next week that I have been doing for a competition over at Deviant art.

Hope your Christmas holidays have been fun so far.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Week 13 - The Climax - Gladiator

So again I have faaaailed! I didn't get around to starting this one in time, my apologies guys. I was supposed to be illustrating a bit at the end of Gladiator where Maximus is walking through fields to his wife and son in the afterlife, he's finally re-united with his family.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Week 13 - The Climax - Iron Man

Being the huge Fanboy I am this was one of the most awesome climax to a movie ever. Seeing the character just come to life in a way that no character ever could because no other character was ever truly based on an actor so closely. Not only was the movie a  great fun ride having this at the end was truly the icing on the cake. So here is my interpretation of the moment you see his face.

Here's the flat inked version
Here's some flat colour put on it just to emphasise the atmosphere.

Hope you guys like it.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Week 13 - The Climax

Hey guys! Sorry for not being around and posting, thanks for keeping this going =) Hope you guys are all well.

My challenge to you all this week is to draw the climax of your favourite film/TV series/video game/book. This can be accurate to the original or your own depiction.

Hope you enjoy =)

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Week 12 show and tell

Hello to all!

Wow we sure are getting lazy. =P
Im joking, I know you all are working super hard at awesome things.

I've been at Pete's then I travelled home today, so sorry about the late post!

I did this last minute for a contest on DA. I really wish I had more time to fix it and do it again.
Oh well I hope you like.
I had to use stock images of a panda, lights and a pie.

Done in watercolour and chalk, all on pete's dinner table =)

Week 12 - Show and Tell - Adventures in Character Design

This summer I have been exploding with ideas. From creepy little monsters to Superhero action. None of these ideas have been fleshed out much yet but the thing I see as my problem is I need good character design. That is not really a problem because that is something I want to work on anyway because it's fun for me. At the start of summer I found a group on Deviant Art called 'Design A Character'. They do challenges revolving on designing a character. So this week I decided to get in some practice designing without killing my ideas (as I tried doing some designs and being unhappy with almost every line I put down). So I did the prop design challenge. The challenge was to design a prop then design a character that would use that prop, the challenge specified a chair.

I designed my chair.

From this design I then created a character who would use this chair.

The character design went a bit wonky when I drew it but I am happy with the amount of character I got into the design. Hope you like it.