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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Dave's pin up

So here is my final for this week, didn't take too long and I am quite pleased with the outcome, and kept the whole one colour thing from the big sleep series I have been doing.

Week 10: 50's pin up

Hey guys, been quite busy with my own project these last two weeks, so sorry I haven't been on it those past weeks. Any who the challenge for this week is to draw a 50's pin up poster.

So the images tend to look like this, not explicit in anyway, but more suggestive, and always an idealized form of women, so get on down and create some eye candy.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Week 9 - The Relentless Hero

I also haven't finished my image but wanted to post something. It's still a long way off of completion. My intial idea seemed to slip away as I created this image, the hero was supposed to be stumbling along wounded on a battlefield but still continuing the fight until his last breath. I might give this one another shot some time. Take it easy guys =)

Week 9 - The Relentless Hero - Johnny Storm

Hey Guys,

I could only manage a sketch this week (I just did it in about 30 minutes) because of work and tiredness but I didn't want to leave you with nothing.

For this week I had trouble deciding on my idea. I had a couple but none really said relentless hero till I got my final idea to do my own drawing of the Death of Johnny Storm. It really shouts relentless hero to me charging to your death to protect the world and most importantly your family.

I really want to finish this one so definitely look for an update over at my blog next week.

Hope you like it.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Week 9 - The Relentless Hero

This week your challenge is to depict a relentless hero. This character must be within a situation that show's his/her strong willed nature and determination. For example:
  • A wounded soldier determined to finish the fight even though the odds are totally against him.
  • A character bent persistently attempting to save his friend from a ridiculously dangerous situation.
Hopefully this one doesn't sound too crazy, hope you guys have fun with it.

Week 8 - Catman Redesign - Sci-fi tech

Hey guys, wicked finals this week! Here's my Sci-fi tech Catman. Yet again, I didn't finish this one. My plan was to have a fully finished piece for this week but I fell short of the bar again, but it was proper fun anyway! Hope you're all having a great Summer.

Week 8 Cat(wo)man

Hay everyone!
Its only line art, no colour =(
It sucks that I just ran out of time to colour it.
So here is my catman redesign.

                                    As A GIRL!

So a sexy catman, without making him/her looking too much like catwoman or blackcat, Tricky.
Hope you likes, cant wait to see what you some up with
Toodles xxx

Week 8- Catman Redesign- WWII

For my challenge this week I did a WWII version of Catman. I wanted to go for a Captain America style WWII Superhero. I'm really happy with this one the pose and the costume came out as well as I'd hoped they rerally convey what I was aiming for.

Hope you guys like it.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Week 8 - Catman Redesign - Sketches

Here's the sketches for my Sci-fi tech Catman. I've not made a lot of progress so far because I'm a tad busy but hopefully this one will be a gooden. Have a great week guys!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Week 8 - Catman Redesign - Sci-fi tech

Hey guys! I'm going to re-design Catman with future tech, like a Sci-fi Catman...very cliche I know. I've been researching a few futuristic designs. Hopefully this redesign won't be total cheese! What do you guys think?

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Week 8- Character Re-design

This week your challenge is to redesign DC comics Catman (Pictured Below). But not just redesign him but to re-design him with a theme in mind e.g. greek myth, victorian, halloween etc. Hope you enjoy this challenge.

Friday, 15 July 2011

week 7 - Hateful Characters - Peter pan

Here is mine =)

This is peter Pan and his stupid caterpillar eye brows

Yuppers I hate peter pan super muchly!

I hope you guys all had fun with this week.

Toodles xxx

Week 7- Hateful Characters- Namor

Hey guys,

I really hate Namor A.K.A. The Submariner. He is all high and mighty and thinks himself better than anyone else I feel my piece this week really helps show that.

Click Image for Full View

Week 7 - Hateful Characters - Wario facial surgery

Yet again, I fail to produce a finished piece. I must go and bury my head in the sand. Hope you're all having a wicked Summer, keep drawing!

Percy Wetmore

This character from the film Percy Wetmore is one sadistic disturbed man who delights to degrade and to harm the prisoners on death row, certainly a character i love to hate.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Week 7 Hateful Characters

Happy weekend!

Okays my topic of the week is Hateful Characters

So you have to pick your most hated character of all time.
Then draw them doing the thing, that they do that annoys you the most about them.

Wow I hope that made sense =) 

For example:
You hate Mario, because he likes hitting his head on bricks. So then your image should be that. =)  

Looking forward to seeing all the ideas
Toodles x

Friday, 8 July 2011


Hey guys! My apologies, I didn't complete my image for this week, I took on some extra hours at work and cut time too short. Great results for this week! :)

Week 6 - Nintendo - Shinobu Jacobs

Hey Guys,

Here is the coloured version of my image for this week. Still need to get the hang of how to get the right values for the greyscale but I'm getting better.


Week 6 - Nintendo - Pokeballs

Hay everyone =)

When I read the topic I had to do Pokemon!

So here are Pokemon as Pokeballs, 
Gotta Guess Them All!

Toodles xxx

p.s Sorry for the poor image, my home scanner is poop!  

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Week 6 - Nintendo - Shinobu Jacobs

Hey Dawgs,

This week as the least knowledgeable Nintendo fan on this blog my choice will most definitely be the least classic. Never been a true Nintendo fan more of a Sony guy really but sometimes a game captures my interest and No More Heroes for the Wii really did that for me, unfortunately never been able to play it though :(. The art style and character design seemed so fresh and energised compared to all the hyper detailed modern games that I was interested in any news about it when it was being covered. Soooooooo... after that ramble. I have chosen to do a drawing of one of the coolest looking characters from the game Shinobu Jacobs, how much cooler than a black school girl with a white afro and a samurai sword can you get.

Here's the grayscale...

Week 6 - Nintendo! - Link

Hey guys and gal! So I've been struggling this week with trying to draw Samus Aran from Metroid and I've finally given up. I've decided to go back to my original idea of drawing Link because he rocks my socks. This is my rough sketch that I've just knocked up. Happy drawing!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Week 6 finals

Well I was pretty excited about this that I went straight into it and did the original starters of Pokemon. Not my usual style, but felt it necessary to maintain their cartoony appearance as drawing 'em realistically didn't look right to me, so opted for a more graphic based look, anyways hope you enjoy and look forward to what you guys bring to the table ciao!


That's right, after going on the ol' gameboy I felt compelled to draw some nintendo madness, so the breif this week is as follows:
Draw a character or characters from the nintendo games and that is all so get to it folks!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Week 5 - The Hunt - Jungle

I ran out of time! Nooooo! I'm going to have to submit this piece as it is, it still has quite a way to go until it's properly finished. Definite aim of next week is to complete an image...I hope. Nice work guys!