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Friday, 3 June 2011

The Swamp- Week 1- So it Begins

Here it is guys. The full coloured version of my illustration for So it begins...
I used grey markers to do the tones and did a quick colour layer on photoshop just to try the new technique after a few technical difficulties.

I tried to give it an old school pulp novel feel so I tried to give it a painty finish and used off colours. The text was just the finishing touch :)

Hope you all like it.

Thanks everyone for making week one such a fun experience I hope you want to keep this going as much as I do.


  1. Looking good peter =)
    I cant wait to see how this looks when all coloured

  2. Looking good Pete! Are you digitally colouring it? I like it muchos as a cover. I think if it were for another purpose, maybe use a low angle shot with the large beasty coming down towards the camera? Just a though.
    Keep up the sexiness!

  3. Pete, this looks great! Looks like your tone to colour layer worked really well! I think yellow was a great choice for the text too, it stands out well. Nice one dude!